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Triglicéridos De Cadena Media

Triglicéridos De Cadena Media

MCT Powder, MCT are derived from natural plant oils, and are classed as fatty acids.

They are very different to typical fatty acids as they contain a much lower calorie count.

They are also more readily absorbed and used for energy, which makes them resemble a carbohydrate and less like a fat.

MCT Powder, MCT provides the athlete with a source of quick energy, much faster than maltodextrin and / or any high glycemic carbohydrate meaning they are ideally for people looking to increase muscle mass and bulk up.

MCT Powder, MCT have been found to increase calorie burning compared to that of other fatty acids, and also to lower blood glucose levels within the body, which can aid weight loss whilst still increasing muscle.

MCT Powder, MCT may also provide a sparing effect on both protein and carbohydrate within the body.

As the body uses MCT Powder, MCT for energy first, this allows for the body to reserve amino acids and glycogen.

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply so

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